Questionable BiB ring for BM hunter

Snapshot: d2277b950a03486dbbd53a7f2e08a26f

I’m surprised my ilvl 411 ring is being recommended over my ilvl 437 ring with socket.

Is this correct?

You have a custom stat ratio set which is prioritizing an equal amount of all 4 secondary stats. You already have more haste than your other stats, so the ring with haste on it is being taken off for a ring with mastery instead, so try to achieve that more balanced stat ratio you have specified.

well %$!&

I am trying to use the AMR M+ default setup. I explored the “customize” tab once just to check it out, but never intended to have it replace the AMR set up. I had actively selected the AMR M+ setup again so I thought that was what was being used.

After reading your reply, I’ve tried “restoring defaults” on the customize tab and also deleting the entire setup to make a new one from scratch, but either way it still likes that 411 ring.

Here’s the latest snapshot: cd30c7046641499dbd4a905b96eb3287

The results tab header states “Results - Mythic+ / Mr. Robot’s Strategy” so I’m hoping I’m back to the AMR M+ default setting. If it is still showing that I’m using a custom stat ratio on your end, my next question would be how do I ditch it and get back to the AMR defaults?

Thanks for your help!

You are back to the default settings now with that snapshot.

In this case, it’s replacing your lower ilvl ring with a different one. The item level is lower, but the stats (crit/mastery) are better than the other one (haste/vers, mainly vers is ranking pretty low in the optimization). Rings are weird in that lower ilvl rings can sometimes rank higher since they have no primary stats for DPS specs.

This result seems fine to me – you’ll notice that you have some other rings that rank very close, it just likes the one it picked because crit is ranking a little higher than other stats with your current setup and available gear.

Got it! Thank you again!