Questionable Great Vault Choice. Why?

Snapshot ID: 2d1a191309be41fc8edfab413d2d1505

I would expect it to pick the 476 shield over the 447 shield. More primary stat, more stam, both haste and crit vs haste and vers.

But the main thing is that it says it’s a 13% DOWNGRADE from what I currently have? Like what?

I checked the Pawn settings on BIB to see what it’s values were, and all three substats are fairly close. Crit 7.2, Haste 6.2, Vers 5.8.

So what’s going on here?

I’m not sure why that one item isn’t ranking properly… we’ll take a look.

If you go to the “Add to my Bag” search and add that item, you’ll see a better ranking for it. I’ll look into why it didn’t get ranked properly in the great vault search.

Just as a follow-up, this will be fixed in a site update either today or tomorrow. This was a very rare and obscure bug… took me a while to hunt it down. You were impressively unlucky to find it – thanks for posting the error report or I never would have thought to look for it.