Questionable Havoc DH gear

I’m fairly new to AMR, I used it quite a bit during Legion but I am by no means a PRO, I use the generic strats and mostly just go with what BiB has to offer me. I don’t raid…I do, do quite a bit of heroic dungeon and some mythic. But to get to the question…I CLEARLY have gear that is CLEARLY a big upgrade to what I am currently using and I do have a lots of gear to chose from to make up for those stats even if they would change which they would, like out of 140 slots in my bags the gear uses 60-65 slots. So what gives? Should I say screw what AMR says and run with the gear I think is an upgrade or go with what AMR is choosing for me…

Can you please share your addon string so we can take a look?

I guess you meant that addon string for this post. I can’t see anything wrong with what AMR is telling you to do. What gear is that you think is CLEARLY better in your opinion?

The thing I can see is that AMR asks you to unequip a 340 epic with two azerite powers with a 325 rare with just one azerite power. I don’t play Demon Hunter, but my guess is that at your current gear so is the Revolving Blades azerite power is just too good to ignore.

Yeah, with First Blood that trait will be strong enough to overcome the ilvl difference.

So losing -54 Agility, 104 Stamina, 19 Amour for no apparent reason is acceptable?

Oh well, I was just curious as to why. Thanks for the input.

It is acceptable and there is a reason, because the 325 is an upgrade over your 340.

Gear that your currently wearing -

BiB Suggestion -