Questionable trinket suggestion in BiB for SP

BiB is suggesting a 411 Voidmender’s Shadowgem over a 421 Idol of Pure Decay for M+ strategy? This seems highly suspect.

Snapshot: 6186d046004446a9a1401e0a2c785c7d

I have no way to troubleshoot this since there’s virtually no transparency in how BiB is modeling things at this point on the site.

What seems suspect about this ranking? The estimate has them very close to each other… and it seems plausible to me. Neither trinket is wildly more/less powerful than the other.

There are some assumptions to be made about how many stacks you can get on Voidmender’s Shadowgem, but we’re being pretty conservative and assuming you’ll stack it 4 times during its duration.

I agree the trinkets seem “off” this season. trinkets that were BIS from season 1 gear is now ranking lower then other Season 1 trinkets, and some are ranking better then 421 new season trinkets, etc…

My random wild guess is the new way they sim is just easier on them but isn’t as accurate, but still good/nice

If you give me specific examples I can take a look.

The way we rank trinkets in Dragonflight has not changed from the way we ranked them in all previous expansions. We have never directly used simulation to rank trinkets because there are simply too many of them and too many combinations. I think people just assumed that because we had a simulator that we used it for everything… but that was never the case.


The Windswept pages 405ilvl trinket was nvr ranked better then higher ilvl grieftorch or whetstone on my sims for amr or raid bots, which changes once amr updated for season 2. it even ranks higher then a 421 Mutated Magmammoth Scale. for m+.

For my personal usage i do prefer not using on use trinkets, but overall runnign with the same group of friends in keys i do notice personally also that the old reccomendations/ raidbot recomendatiosn for trinkets on my druid specifically work/feel better, and do better #s on keys. not by a drastically huge amount, but consistantly.

The estimates for windswept pages, grieftorch, and whetstone have not changed from season 1 to season 2 – they are exactly the same as they were before, and those items were not changed with the season 2 patches.

The Mutated Magmammoth Scale is pretty straightforward… I’m using the same type of estimate as any other damage effect, and it is scaling the same as any other damage effect. So… it is what it is… I could manually make it seem better if people prefer it, but I like to avoid doing that and let the math speak for itself whenever possible.

One thing you could test on the Mutated Magmammoth Scale for me… sometimes trinkets like this will do one hit immediately on use, then at the specified interval. That can raise its value a little. How many times does it hit for you when it triggers?

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TL:DR of this is, “if it ain’t broken (for you), don’t fix it” - lock in what YOU want & let the rest battle it out.

Always remember… AMR is here to ‘suggest’ how you gear, not ‘tell’ you. Add in that anything less than 2% difference can be down to computational error (or w/e the term is).

Well lets be honest, nothing on the site really makes it seem like it is trying to “suggest” and not “tell you” how to gear. Even in the “Best in Bags” section it says “Mr. Robot will search through every single combination of gear in your bag. Give him a couple seconds to find the best setup for you.” The whole locking an item comes off as a “if you prefer a less optimal but more to your liking” option.
Even if item’s rank less that a 2% difference, doesn’t mean its worthless. There’s even a gem/enchant threshold for .1% in AMR.

But this is besides the point.

I’m still wondering what in the changes of feral talents in s2 could have made the windswept trinket be valued over a grieftorch or whetstone, considering its nvr been recommending to be before. and the fact that it would recommend 2 passive trinkets, I would think i would be preforming better overall with the same group of people doing keys than a on use trinket.

As of right now, Its not recommending it anymore, guessing a patch was pushed. but that makes me wonder if now if its because there was a bug in its ranking, a bug in the feral sims, a bug in the m+ option, etc…

My incorrect intuition is that the 10 ilvl upgrade is enough to swap them but doesn’t seem to be the case. I wish we could still sim 2 items against each other to actually see the value differences. :frowning:

No bugs… I did tweak some of the feral calculations though. I’m still refining the rotation a tad. It seems to favor haste a bit more for feral in season 2, which could be why that item moved up in the rankings. I made a change in this last update to model cases where one might waste a little energy, which brought the value of haste down just slightly, and made another change to get a little more out of situations where you get extra combo points, which brought crit up just slightly.

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Thx for the explanation!