Questionable Upgrade Finder result

I have 420 Azerite pieces…and according to U.F., the next best TR upgrades are 445? As an aside, why not add the ability to sort upgrades by ilvl?

Due to the huge amount of changes and new data, the AMR team has already started updating the site for 8.3 which will be released in a couple days and will include higher item level rewards - e.g. 445 as the lowest item level for Titan Residuum.

Right now that’s a bit of an inconvenience, as we’re left with the new item level on upgrade finder. Generally speaking that’s not a “problem” though - just take a look at all items of a specific item level and use that as a guide as differences between items of the same item level should stay mostly the same.

You can filter those items by using their difficulty text, i.e. “Mythic 7” will only show item level 445, “Mythic 11” will show item level 460 and “Mythic 15” will show only item level 475.

Right… I should have included that in my announcement – we wanted to get the new item data out there a few days early so that we can start testing new code to rank the new gear on the global network (and so people can get a preview of what’s coming).

I believe that the current/old item levels for Mythic+ will remain in effect until the 21st when the raid starts. Perhaps we’ll put in something to bridge that gap between now and then in the upgrade finder. (Though you could filter it to ilvl445 items in the current version – that’s probably the lowest that it is worth spending titan residuum on now. Once the 21st comes, it will be very easy via world quests, etc. to get your ilvl high enough to make 430 gear not that useful anymore.)

I’d rather spend my Titan Residuum almost regardless of item level as soon as possible as there’s a bit of an inconsistency in Blizzard’s patching progress: Titan Residuum will be converted to silver on patch day not when season 4 starts and iirc the next chest will not reward Residuum at all. For next week that specific upgrade finder option won’t matter at all.

Everything else will stay exactly as it is now until season 4 starts on the 21st, correct.
You can still view item level 415 and 430 for example when using the “Regular Dungeons” upgrade finder to at least have a rough estimate. While obviously not perfect, having to implement a special case for that one week “between” to seasons would most likely be inefficient and I’d rather you spend your time on more important changes. :wink: