Questionable Upgrade Sugggestions post-7.2

I’m getting a fairly questionable top upgrade suggestion now in the new patch. The rest seems about the same, give or take some new stat weights, but this seems wrong:

Those Wrists are a 20 iLvl downgrade, and in worse secondary stats. My only guess is their set bonus gives a lot of Crit as a proc, and that is somehow getting factored in. I don’t have the other piece of the set either, so I don’t know why it’s recommending them.

Do you have “set bonus lookahead” enabled in the filters/options (found via the filter/funnel icon in top-middle of the main toolbar)? In that case it will include the value of the next set bonus you could make, even if you don’t have both pieces yet.

I do, but completing that set would require replacing one of my legendaries with an 865 as well.

I see what the algorithm is going for, but I’m skeptical I’d see my best improvement in DPS by replacing a 885 and a 940 with 865 gear. I’m pretty sure I’d lose more crit from that than the procs would be worth.

It also may be worth adding a “This item recommended assuming you get OTHER ITEM” to the line somewhere.

This is a situation where we had to sort of settle for things how they are. The Upgrade Finder doesn’t “know” that you’d have to take off a legendary to complete the set. For it to know if that was ok or not, it would have to know what other legendary items you have, do a whole new optimization, etc. Basically the tool would become too slow to use.

We went back and forth on how to handle set bonuses in the upgrade finder - the reality is that it’s way more complicated than it seems and there is no way to give a perfect ranking, so we go with the more aggressive ranking so that people don’t miss out on items that they might want.

@Swol That makes sense - Would it be possible to at least have some sort of “+5493 (But only if you also get this other item: ITEM)” messaging in the UI? It could help people be able to do the mental math to decide if it’s worth pursuing.

We’ll give some more thought into how we can clarify these cases.

Whoa. So Upgrade Finder doesn’t know what legendaries we have, even if we have Best in Bags which does know?

If so the only drawback is still that it will recommend too many things you don’t care about.

What actually concerns me more is when it rates an item as numerically much better than a set piece that could complete a large 4 set bonus.
I don’t really know if it is doing that with knowledge of the DPS that 4 set could generate or if it’s just looking at the piece individually.

We do include the value of the next set bonus you could complete for set items. This poses its own problems though, as sometimes it over-values the set items, but, we decided to error towards over-estimating set items instead of the other way around.

The upgrade finder “knows” what items you have… but to make use of that information we’d have to do a much longer calculation that could start to take minutes or longer to complete.

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Thanks, didn’t mean to make you repeat yourself. :slight_smile:

There is an option in the filters/options window to include the value of the next set bonus you could complete, or not. It is called “set bonus lookahead”. Some people prefer it off, some people prefer it on.

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Perhaps a middle-ground here would be giving less weight to the dungeon 2-Piece sets when doing set lookahead? At least at this point, I’m not sure there’s any classes/specs that use them, outside of some insane M+ level scenario. Whereas, every class uses their raid 4-Piece set, and should be recommended it, outside of odd scenarios.