Questions about re-runing gearing strategy simulations

Hi. I have some questions about how ofter I should re-run gearing strategy simulation.

  1. In general how often should I re-run gearing strategy for all variants (krosus, spellblade and mythic+)?
  2. Should I re-run gearing strategy every time I’ve got new legendary?
  3. Should I re-run gearing strategy when I will reach 52 lvl of artefact?
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You should run it again when you get a new legendary item, if you plan to switch to that item. Run the gearing strategy with the two legendary items you plan to use.

The 52nd point doesn’t matter that much. Some of the other points that change the damage distributions of your abilities would matter more.

Otherwise run it again about every 10 item levels you gain.

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Forgot the disclaimer that once we finish our “version 2” gearing strategies for ToS, you shouldn’t need custom strategies at all. We will let everyone know when that happens.


Thanks for the answers and thank you very much for your job :slight_smile: