Quick question - fistweaver rotation - simulator logic

Hi !
It’s me ! Again ! YEAH ! =D

Well one quick question:
i’m digging deep into the fistweaving and i’ve notices i can’t “use chi wave” offenssively (always 4 healing proc and 3 dmg proc)

My guess is : Their is no need to in the “normal” healing situation to use it offensively.

is it the good idea ?

Yeah, as you noticed, I have it implemented to always heal first for mistweaver. We could split it into two different spells: Chi Wave Heal and Chi Wave Damage, and then you cast the one that you want to go first. That wouldn’t be hard to do - I’d just have to make sure to update all the monk rotations accordingly.

Dont do it, i’m gonna try, to see if it’s at least interesting and i will come back to you ! =D