Race and Name change

Hello, I changed my druid (Healkins) to a Kul Tiran and also did a name change to Mckins. AskMrRobot is seeing my character as a whole new person. Is there a way to import the setups and custom simulations I had from Healkins to Mckins profile? If not, I can easily run the simulations again over the next couple of days. I am just asking for convenience sake. Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately there is not an easy way to move stuff from one character to another right now… sorry about that.

Custom simulations you shouldn’t need to run again – would just need to look them up under the old character name in your simulation history. If you had custom gearing strategies, those are saved by spec, not character, so they should show up on all of your characters of the same spec.

Best in Bags settings and the like are stored per-character… so you would probably have to reconfigure those.

I can add this to the list of future features though, would be handy for when people name-change characters.

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Thank you for the answer and quick reply!