Racing Pulse Corruption's Values Incorrect?


I noticed that the values in the tooltip for Racing Pulse are incorrect. AMR shows the values for the haste gain for each tier as 136, 182, and 319. The real values are actually 546, 728, and 1275. These values are all off by almost exactly a factor of 4 (with your standard Blizzard rounding in play). This could be just a tooltip error, but Racing Pulse is also -extremely- undervalued on AMR right now. This corruption effect isn’t talked about as much as the more flashy ones, but it’s incredibly powerful in real-world use. The uptime on the 4 second buff is around 30%, which averages out to over 400 permanent haste (!!) basically for the tier 3 version.

As far as I’ve seen, out of the 4 ‘stat proc buffs’ (Racing Pulse, Surging Vitality, Honed Mind, and Deadly Momentum), Racing Pulse is by far the strongest one, even if your spec’s top stat isn’t Haste.

Currently, AMR is showing the opposite to be true - Racing Pulse is almost always every spec’s worst ‘stat proc buff’ corruption, even when your spec loves Haste. This makes me think the value error goes beyond tooltips, and that it needs to be fixed.

If I multiply the upgrade % (0.48%) for Racing Pulse by 4, I get an upgrade % of 1.92%, which would make it the second most powerful corruption effect for my Holy Paladin (ee2bf6a1f783415b8ab41892dd6ea4e6). This seems to match reality (Haste is our favorite stat and Racing Pulse is overtuned). Siphoner, Ineffable Truth, Strikethrough, and Racing Pulse should be the top 4 corruption effects for Holy Paladins most likely.

I’m looking in the simulator and we are using the 546, 728, 1275 values for racing pulse - the tooltip appears to be wrong. It’s 5 rppm with a 4 second buff duration.

In general, we don’t value haste as highly as other theorycrafters for holy paladins. We put it about even with mastery.

From a budget perspective… if we look at one tier 3 racing pulse, which is 1275. The average uptime is 30%, which is about 382.5 haste on average. Compare that to, say, the mastery proc which is 915 for 10 seconds with 3rppm. That’s 43% uptime on average for average of 393 mastery.

So, the budget on the mastery proc is actually a bit higher. Since we generally find mastery to give more average output than haste - it makes sense that we’d rank it lower. There is another thread from a few days ago where I talk about why our simulations favor mastery more than other theorycrafters.

If you use the customize feature and tell the optimizer to push you towards more haste, you can get it to pick this effect for you.

I need to fix the tooltips for a couple corruption effects – blizzard changed the spell data in a way that’s making my tooltip parser hate life. I should have that sometime today.