Raiding or Mythic+ strategy for Torghast and questing?

I wanted to confirm the strategy that is better to pick when I want to find my BiB gear for Torghast and solo-questing. My best guess is that I should pick raiding for solo-questing and Mythic+ for Torghast if I’m planning to kill most mobs rather than skip to bosses; otherwise if I’m speed-running or skipping to bosses in Torghast, then I should pick the raiding strategy.

This was almost obvious to me with DPS classes and specs. However, when I tried to do this now for a Discipline Priest, the answer wasn’t as obvious to me. Which Torghast speed-running strategy is better for a healer, for example, especially one like a Discipline Priest?

If this is relevant, I also set the slider to “All Offense” for this Torghast setup.

If you set the slider to all offense, it doesn’t matter which setup you use for discipline, you should get the same results.

Torghast as discipline is so far outside of what you normally do in mythic+ or raids… I don’t think it will end up mattering that much. You might just want to put on your highest ilvl gear to get more stamina and intellect.

That makes sense, yes, that Torghast will be too different from both scenarios, raiding and M+. Thanks, Swol.