Rallying Cry missing?


It appears the warrior ability “Rallying Cry” is missing from the simulator. Or maybe I just can’t find it. If that’s the case what is it called?


You mean Commanding Shout (https://www.wowhead.com/spell=78823/commanding-shout) ? Cause there is no Rallying Cry anymore :slight_smile:

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Yes rallying cry does exist I use it all the time when tanking on my war. It was made a baseline pve ability this xpack lol…

Take a look at the change log :grin:

I’m just trying to find it in the simulator to add it to my tank rotation .

I don’t think I implemented it. I could add it in.

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Victory rush as well? Idk how the mythic plus Sim works but I use victory rush a bit usually. I think only impending victory is implemented.

Yeah I’ve gone back and forth on that one - it can be really useful in certain situations. I’ll implement it so you can play around with it, but I’ll probably leave it out of the rotation for gearing purposes because of how situational it is.

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