Rank 14 weapons - Human Warrior

Hi There,

I just got to rank 14 and bought a bunch of weapons.

Why is “best in bags” always recommending the sword over the 1H mace. It is the same speed and damage, but it keeps on saying theres a +2-3% dps if I used the sword instead.

I prefer the Grand Marshal’s Punisher. Being a human, swords and maces should have the same racial benefit.


I would need you to post your snapshot id (use the help link to generate one) to answer this for you

Snapshot ID:


Thanks for the link - I’m not sure why the mace isn’t scoring as equivalent to the sword - I’ll poke around and figure it out. They should be equivalent in this case.

I figured out what is going on. If you look at your settings, you have elemental sharpening stones selected. Those can only be applied to sharp weapons, not blunt ones. Therefore when the punisher is equipped you effectively have 2% less crit, making it an worse weapon in this setup. If you want them to be considered equally you should remove the sharpening stone for the main hand from your settings.

This brings up an interesting issue… to get a more fair comparison when you have sharpening stones chosen, we should put a weightstone on the blunt weapons for comparison.

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Thx for the super quick reply.

I will take note on my next comparison run.

Also, unlike normal sharpening stones, you can add the crit stones to blunt weapon (and see the stats increase on the paper doll).


Which sharpening stone is that that can be applied to a blunt weapon? So many different consumables in classic…

that was the elemental sharpening stones.

the lower quality stones can only be applied to sharp weapons, but this one can be applied to all.

It’s not really much of an issue now that I know whats happening.

Once again, thanks for the great support.