Re-equipping w/ in-game add-on

Is there a specific order in which gear is ‘re-equipped’ using the in-game add-on & if so, what IS that order, please.

On a few of my more frequently played characters, I have a set of gear saved - via the add-on - for each spec, as I’m levelling all their artifacts at the same time (showing preference to the MS one).

Thing is, when I re-equip gear, some items GET swapped but the add-on doesn’t ACKNOWLEDGE the swap unless I click a diff spec & then click back… it’s like what’s happening is going on too fast for the code to keep up with (No; I don’t know if that’s even possible, either). I try to keep the OS items in my bags in the order they’re listed in the gear list, but the add-on seems to use randomised ‘swapping’ - is it pointless to ‘efficiently store items’ to assist the add-on with it’s task…?

Another long-winded ‘Simple Q&A’… sorry, but thanks in advance for any help offered.

Swapping gear onto your character is actually really hard with the WoW APIs available… and it’s slow. I may try to find a better way when I revisit the addon…

It should go in a consistent order though. Unique constraints are a pain though. Trying not to require a lot of empty bag space makes it a bigger pain…