Reading AMR String

So, I wanted to know if it is possible to manually add an item to the string below.
For example; I wanted to add [Flameguard Gauntlets] or [Legguards of the Fallen Crusader] and see how my current gear reacts to it.

2;US;Incendius;Lånz;really makes you think;7;2;60;0:0;1;.s1;WARRIOR;3030500133200000000505200502501005100000000000000000;.q1;11815s13;825s1e2543;13s18;445s12;242s15e-1694;619s6;6s14;651s8e62;21s5e17;414s3;11s7;1s10e3;348s2;2302s11;1109s16e969;324s9e-15;.inv;811e1900;60e0;1420e0;529;81;2040;724;94;1189;127;1316;1;1;559;0;0;1668;458;44;163;0;393;50;18;473;146;19;67;136;15;238;1;86;8;1e-15;16f1505;63e-1082;127;67;41;35;1e1097;87;2;6;19;4;1;104;20;15;266;0;0;0;145;570;5;0;0;91;1;1;1;514;640;28e0;398;105;422;2;2;330;640;54;564;177;222;12;3e0;285;98;1010;970;283;0;823

We don’t have a feature right now that would add an item to your bag for you.

If you use the Gear Check you can look the item up in the item list for that slot and get a good estimate for whether it will be an upgrade or not.

For example…

The part of the string that says ;640;54;564;

Is there a way to know which item is 640, 54 or 564? I wanted to add a item to the string manually, but for that I would need to know the numbers AMR refers to. I checked for the WoW ID number, but noticed it isn’t that.

What is this “Gear Check” function you mentioned? I’m coming back to AMR after a long time away from WoW, so a lot has changed since I first used it back in MOP.

Either way, just want to thank you for your time and patience. :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, didn’t notice at first this was classic. Gear Check is only on retail. If you look up an item in the Upgrade Finder - it will give you a good estimate of whether it will be an upgrade for you or not.

Yellow uses some sort of compression technique for those export strings - using the actual ids would make it way too long - I’m not sure the exact format of it, sorry.

Let me know if the item you want to compare is not in the upgrade finder.

The original poster is indeed asking something I would also love to know.

Can you document how the string you use to import gear functions?

Considering the fact the site has no ‘character builder’ other than just ‘select a generic thingy we give you and maybe also talents’, the only normal way to generate an artificial character to test gear would be trough manual editing the string for import.

Rather than force your users to do funky things like reverse engineering your string, please just document it. I do understand it will be hard to generate a Character Build for Classic and maybe not that much valued effort, so let then anyone able to read a post do some things.

Seems bad to respond to your own question but here we go.

The string is a fixed order database, with several markers inside. The marker ‘.inv’ marks the beginning of the definition of equipped items, all the magic generating the string can be found in the file:


at line 577

If you want to just mess around with arbitrary gear, try using Best in Slot. After you optimize, you can then click on any slot to see a list of available items. You can then pick any item to lock it in, and optimize around it.

You can do the same with Best in Bags, but the lists only show gear that you personally own.

Let me know if that is not what you are trying to do.