Reclaimed Shock Coil proc bug in simulation

This item:


I’m wondering about this:

4.00 * (1 + haste ) rppm

If haste in this calculation is the percentage, then if I have 19% haste it’s should “proc” 80 times per minute ( 4 * ( 1 + 19 ) ), assuming I can hit 80 criticals in a minute (what with an WW monk AOE is very possible).

Then I’ve run this sim: Simulation - Report ( , an 358 seconds long (about 6 minutes?) fight with M+ script.

In the results the Tessellated Lightning struck 29 times and did 124 as total damage.

I’ve calculated the amount of critical hits I’ve done, only by myself, not including Xuen nor Storm, Earth and Fire: it’s around 304 critical hits.

Acounting the amount of times it hits on the simulation (29 times) the “chance to zap the target” is around 10%. This way the total damage should be around 13.456 ( 29*464 ).

At start I’m wondering if it’s me misunderstanding something, but the damage on the description is almost 4x higher PER TICK as the overall damage done on the simulation.

You would use haste as a decimal, e.g. 19% would be 0.19, so with 19% haste the chance would be 4.76 rppm instead of 4 rppm.

As for the amount, it looks like blizzard has a different coefficient on the spell used for the tooltip vs the spell used for the damage effect. I think they meant for it to use the tooltip coefficient with the hotfix… but looks like they messed up the spell data. Hard to say if the hotfix is actually working in-game or not without getting a log of it. I’ll update it to the hotfixed value.

I’ll try to get one of this items and test it.

Right: I’ve got an friend (monk, 12% Haste) log and the trinket procc’ed 5 times per minute in average, and the overall damage on the dungeoun was as expected. Then it’s not a bug, my believes on the original post was incorrect.