Recomending jagged in yellow socket

any reason why the optimiser would suggest a jagged in a yellow socket when I have enough blues elsewhere for the meta.


If the Jagged Gem is a green coloured gem, it will/can go in either a Blue OR Yellow slot.

I’ll take a look – you are right that it should not be suggesting that gem. My guess is that there is some conflict going on with the gem/enchant threshold setting and the code that minimizes gem swaps after optimizing.

  1. any gem goes in any slot.
  2. thats not the point, its not the optimal solution.

Thanks for that, yellowfive.

I posted a website update that should resolve this issue.

You Snapshot doesn’t work in Retail, so you must be in Classic or TBC - the old Gem rules still apply there, afaik.

This was TBC – they didn’t add gems until TBC, and socket colors only matter in TBC.

It was a complicated interaction between some logic for activating meta gems, minimizing spurious gem swaps, and the gem/enchant threshold for avoiding low-value gem swaps to save some in-game gold.

old gem rules?

all gems go in all slots and they always have. you only need to match colours to get socket bonuses.