Recommandation for healing spec doesn't make sense

Any idea why I’m being recommended this:

over this:

As a healer?

I would have to see your specific case. You can use the help button above the gear table to generate a snapshot - post that and I can take a look.


Thanks - I’ll take a look. It appears that dagger is getting a proper score when I look at it in the item list, but for some reason the optimizer can’t put it on. Probably some sort of item data issue.

The issue is that you have no off-hand to pair with a one-handed weapon. Get any off-hand… something cheap from a vendor or the AH is fine, and it should fix the issue.

We can try to put in some code to check for this case… but the code to handle two-hand vs one-hand+off-hand combos is already pretty complex, so any change takes a lot of testing, and rare edge cases like this often get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.