Recommendation for Gnawed Thumb Ring


Ages ago I got a Gnawed Thumb Ring Mythic 5 Titanforged (+Leech), which until now ist still recommended by the Adaptive Raid healing strategy on my Resto Druid main. The rest of the equipment is about an average 928 ilvl now, the ring is 865.

Is this possible or could there be a problem with this item?

I would have to see your addon export (the chunk of data that you copy from the addon to our website) and try out your character. Seems a bit of a stretch… but can’t be sure until I try out the specific setup.

Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

I made a gist with my export string:

I tried simulating with your next-best ring and the gnawed thumb ring, and the gnawed thumb ring does indeed simulate higher, so the best-in-bags recommendation is working here.

I think the issue is that your rings are not very high item level – the best ring available to replace the gnawed thumb ring is an ilvl 900 ring, and it seems that the particular stats and the special effect on the gnawed thumb ring make it come out ahead.

That said, the difference is pretty small – if you don’t like dealing with the active use effect of that ring, using one of your other rings would be just fine.

Use effect is fine for me, just wanted to make sure nothing fishy was going on with the ring’s rating :wink: Thanks for clearing this up.