Recommendation - Scrapping / DE ranking

I recommend having another option for the Optimizer: “Worst in Bags”

Although this title sounds negative, I see great value in knowing what gear is safe to gear rid of. It is not obvious what equipment is no longer needed across multiple Setups: Azurite powers and Secondary attributes are often more valuable than ilvl and Optimization goals can vary between Setups.

Right now, I have 30 gear items in my Backpack that I’m keeping with only 8 of them as pat of an unequipped gear set. I expect that at least 1/2 of them will never be added to a gearset. Even if I move them to the bank, they would need to cleared for space later.

Beyond the value of players having more in-game bag space and available resources, the AMR Optimizer calculation load could be significantly reduced.

What I envision is a sorted list of the gear that is lower than the least optimization improvement threshold for all gear setups.
There could be Config settings such as: Worse than -XX%, or XX Items Better
The listing could be viewed for scrapping or used to download to the addon.