Recommending % Dps Downgrade

AMR is suggesting a % DPS downgrade for some reason. It seems to me like the website doesn’t have real time information or something. Please help.

This can happen for a number of reasons. If you click that Help link and use the Create Support Post button it will generate a snapshot id that you can post here. With that we can see all of your settings.

Common causes are:
You have a corruption threshold set lower than the amount of corruption you have equipped.

You are using custom rules for azerite traits and the optimizer thinks they are less valuable, but that’s ok because they’re custom.

You have excluded items from the optimization that the optimizer needs to improve your score.


Thanks for getting back to me. Here is my snapshot ID. 7984b768b45a455e8534fdfdea72905b. I see now that it was because of the corruption threshold.