Recommending worse Item than equipped


Hello everyone,

I was checking the upgrade finder for my disc priest today, since I would like to play the priest sometimes in a random raid as a healer, and in the upgrade finder it clearly recommended me items that are much lower of item level than my main hand (Having equipped: Tusk of the Reborn Prophet (370 iLevel) - Recommended Upgrade: Tusk of the Reborn Prophet (355 iLevel))

In the two pictures I added you can also see my current gear and the information I got from the upgrade finder.

Hoping that someone could explain me why this happens. First time I encounter that problem.

Thank you very much for the help!

What are your Best in Bags settings? Do you have another spec with a higher priority set to the left of your currently equipped gear for Best in Bags?

This looks like correct behaviour caused by using multiple setups: While the 355 weapon is obviously worse than its 370 counterpart, the enchant applied to it might make a difference.

I can get a similar result when applying another weapon enchant (e.g. Masterful Navigation) to your 370 weapon on a more important setup. If Discipline is set to a lower priority then AMR won’t change around enchants on items currently used on more imortant setups.
The upgrade finder then uses the most optimal enchant (probably Coastal Surge) when looking at new items which more than compensates for the lower item level. If you’d allow higher items (i.e. heroic Uldir, item level 370) on the upgrade finder the exact same weapon you’re currently using would also show up as an upgrade - because it also would be when using a stronger enchant.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I found my mistake. As stupid as easy: I totally underestimated the priority system when having different setups :smiley: