Relics not showing

I might be stupid and doing something wrong but, since new patch the Netherlight crucible has now been made redundant. My problem is that I / we have nowhere to put relics up for Mr Robot to identify,
Is there a fix for this as i have relics that I am sure are better than the one’s I am using but they are not showing in the crucible, therefore not showing on Mr robot

Thank you in advance

Relics do nothing anymore except increase the item level of your artifact weapon. It doesn’t matter which relics you use anymore – just put on your highest item level relic that you own in each slot, and you can throw away all the others.

Thank you very much for the info…:slight_smile:

Is this the reason of relics not being included in looking for upgrades (bonus rolls for example)?

Yes – we just removed relics because it is no longer that interesting of a choice. If you get one that is higher item level than your current one, just put it in.