Relinquished Stat Sticks

Relinquished stat sticks seem to be very overbudgeted on the optimizer. I’m not sure if it’s purely a tooltip error or they’re being implemented like this too.

All the relinquished stat sticks seem to share the same problem.

Here’s one example I found.

This item is suppose to have 2.2k int with 1.2k haste based on wowhead and wowdb data.

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Is it applying a variant when these items don’t habe variants?

It might be, I know if I import them from the addon, the stats are correct, but items from the website itself have 2x extra secondary stat. I want to say it’s a bonus ID issue somewhere.

Here’s my from my export (it’s warforged though)

EDIT: Only 3 trinkets seem to be effected by this.

These 3

These three are the exact same with my Balance Druid; AMR thinks they’re the best upgrades by several multiples over others.

910 Relinquished gear (including relics) is the easiest way to gear up atm; wish I had more confidence in AMR before spending Veiled Argunite.

That’s exactly what is happening. They are fixed stat sticks, not variant-based. So the optimizer is giving them more stats than they can have.

Any more info/news on this? I was just checking with my mage and nine of the top ten upgrades are all “of the Impatient” items that I don’t think can actually roll any affixes.

I return from vacation this weekend, it is on my list of things to fix in the next update shortly after that.

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This will be fixed in our next website update, probably this coming Monday.

When will the website update happen. The Upgrade finder isn’t terribly helpful atm for Argunite. The stats are wrong on all these items.

We are working on it - have to finish the netherlight crucible stuff as well before we do the update, which is the reason for the delay. Hopefully we can get an update out in the next couple days.

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Looks like this is still going on. Did the fix make it live with the Crucible update?

What is wrong with the Arinor Keeper’s Spaulders, for example? Could you give more specifics? What stats do you think the item should have vs. what does it actually have in-game?

My apologies, it actually looks like I was mistaken. I was unaware that those items could actually roll those affixes, since I haven’t actually seen any come from the relinquished gear yet. Looks like I’ll just have to cross my fingers and get some lucky rolls.

Yeah I think they just added those new random variant items with names/appearances from Argus, but they won’t be different stat-wise than e.g. world quest items you can also get from the relinquished vendor that also have random affixes.

The trinkets that they added have specific stats though, so I took the affixes off of those because it was “doubling up” on stats accidentally.