Remix remiss best in bags

I was just wondering if it was possible and uploaded todays hauls into AMR and lol, while it did see the upgrades and suggested them what looks like correctly, and it left the lego cloak untouched, it did strip me of the rest of my gear, lol.

I am not begging or even asking if you could make a temporary AMR build to deal with panda for the next 90 days, it would be nice and very convenient, that’s all.
I find I’m spending a lot of time picking and choosing from the constant gear flood this branch of the game has grown.

IF you need more data to make that happen, this is what I got when I uploaded my string.


We did an update that should handle it mostly. The problem with the green gear (correct me if I’m off on this) is that it does not have primary stat. Our whole system for gear optimization doesn’t work that great if you don’t have an item for each slot with your primary stat (for the slots that usually have it).

Once you get a full set of blue+ gear, I think this problem will go away.

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