Request clarification on Holy Paladin gear query

I get you guys are super busy and all however, I am wondering if you get some spare time if you could check your interactions for Holy Paladins and 2 different items:
-Shadowed Orb of Torment
-Divine Resonance

I fully understand that the numbers you produce are oftentimes completely different from what the main communities generate, it’s just that these two are showing complete polar opposites and I’m curious why. For easy comparison I’m going to be using the QELive Trinket and Lego rankings:

The Shadowed Orb is showing to be the best raid healing trinket by a mile, yet you guys have a 252 version being a pretty much sidegrade for my character. (212f1694b89e4757994ff899e24c1873)

Second, you rate Divine Resonance to be the best Legendary for Healing and Damage, even though it’s simmed to be barely worth looking at.(Damage: b796c391585246c59d59681e2e253e7e) (Healing: 8ed7724f3e6f4a5aa59d4a238481ba49)

Thanks for taking your time to look into this if you get a chance.

I don’t know how the other folks are measuring anything, so it’s hard for me to speak to their suggestions.

As for what we do: we use a healing simulator to simulate a raid fight with a heavy healing requirement. We generate a large amount of data across all different gear, stats, talents, etc and then analyze that data to develop a scoring function that can predict how much healing any setup in the game can do. This simulation includes allies who take damage according to a realistic damage pattern, other healers on your team, and all the effects that mitigate or heal damage.

Shadowed Orb of Torment gives you a big mastery buff, sure (mastery is a stat that we have long favored more than anyone else, btw) but it also does a lot of damage to yourself. That damage, in our opinion, counts against the value of the item. Just the self-damage alone reduces the overall value of the trinket by 1% or so. Using the trinket leading up to a large damage phase of a fight is awkward and often counter-productive. It ends up being best to use it when there isn’t really anyone hurt… which is also often when there isn’t much healing to do. I think it is an overall mediocre item that does not fit well into real raiding.

Divine Resonance was nerfed a bunch, but it is still pretty good. I think some people aren’t liking it because of the sometimes awkward targeting requirements. We are the only people doing healing simulation (we have the only healing simulator) - and my simulations show it to be at least on par with other legendary items. I’ll double-check to make sure the nerfed values made their way to the gear optimizer, but just doing some spot checks in the simulator, it is still looking to be good.

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Thanks for this, exactly what I was looking for in a response.