Request for Stat Threshold addition

If it’s not too difficult, having a setting for an armor threshold would be nice. Being able to set an armor threshold to the soft-cap with an all-dps strategy might help with keeping threat maximized while still meeing mitigation requirements for some Naxx fights. Thanks!

What is the number you are considering a soft cap for armor?

We can add armor as one of the stats for which you can set a threshold. I think it will be pretty tough to hit it though, even in Naxx gear (for a warrior). Unless I’m missing some common buffs/consumables that people are using to get large amounts of armor.

You should be able to set a stat threshold for Armor now.

Thanks for this! :smiley:

I play a Druid, it’s pretty easy to hit armor cap. Alliance warriors shouldn’t have too much trouble either with Devotion Aura and Lay on Hands.

I’ll be aiming for 11500 for my druid

Playing with the new armor threshold, it seems to be more aggressive than I expect, or something is unclear.


I’ve set the threshold to 11500, turned off all buffs, and set my Tanking strategy to All DPS, the target armor seems to be higher, the optimizer keeps making some unexpected choices to hit an armor target much higher than the 11500, seems to be aiming for closer to 13800.

Looks like we have a display error for Armor on bear druid – the optimizer is actually using the correct value and optimizing you to 11500 armor (actually 11507 in this case, pretty close). But the character sheet display on the web page is showing too high an armor value. We’ll fix that in the next site update.

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