Request to increase the number of allowed setups significantly

I’m guessing that may not be a popular request, mainly because even I have never needed it until now, because most DPS classes perhaps will never need more than 6 setups. However, from my experience, the Druid class and most hybrid and healing classes are very prone to need more than 6 setups, especially for versatile users who participate in multiple activities like Mythic+ dungeons, raiding, and PvP.

And just to give one example, my Priest currently has the following setups:

  1. DisciplineRaid
  2. DisciplineM+
  3. DisciplineSolo/Torghast
  4. ShadowM+
  5. ShadowSolo/Torghast
  6. HolyM+

And I was just about to add “HolyRaid” when I encountered this setup limit of only 6.

As you can see, I haven’t even added a single PvP setup with a customized secondary-stat allocation. And I would really like to eventually add a couple of PvP setups and a ShadowRaid setup.

And yes, all those setups have different talents or talent choices that are unique to each of them. The PvP setups will definitely have Secondary Stats that are customized and unique to them.

I anticipate that someone may suggest that I remove the “Torghast/Solo” setups since AMR isn’t really designed to optimize gear for those purposes, and that’s fair enough, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to just pull the slider to “All Offense” and pick either the raiding (solo targets mostly) or M+ (AoE mostly) strategy and use AMR BiB’s engine to equip the gear that will make me most efficient when farming Torghast, for example. Moreover, even if AMR isn’t designed to optimize gear for PvP, AMR’s team were at least smart enough to provide extra features like the ability to customize Secondary Stat weights, and I don’t really need anything more than that and AMR’s engine to help me produce the maximum DPS with those Secondary Stat requirements in mind to produce PvP setups that satisfy my needs.

So, you tell me … which setup from the 6 I currently have and the — at least — 4 more that I’d like to add I don’t really need and should just delete or forget about to make room? Or does the above scenario of having setups for M+, raiding, Torghast/soloing, and PvP sound very bizarre, unlikely to happen, and so niche that they only apply to me among all AMR users? :slight_smile:

We have limited the number of setups for performance reasons – things can start to get slow the more you pile on. And also as you mentioned – the vast majority of people don’t even use all 6. (The limit is actually one for each spec, plus three extra of any spec, so druids can have up to 7.)

Though it’s not ideal, you can save some time by using the “save custom setup” feature.

  1. After optimizing when looking at your results, click the “SAVE CUSTOM SETUP” link above the gear table at the top-right. Give it a name and save it.

  2. To load a saved setup, on the Setup tab, below the big Find Best in Bags and Customize Strategy buttons, press “LOAD A CUSTOM SETUP”. You will see your previously-saved setup in the list. Click it to load it.

Doing so will overwrite all options on the setup tab and customize tab with those saved in the custom setup. Note that custom setups do not save locked or excluded items. The main purpose of this feature is to share settings with other users, so it only saves things that make sense to share.

While this isn’t perfect for your needs, it might help save some time.

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Thank you, yellowfive, for the detailed explanation of where to find the custom setup feature. I probably noticed it before a couple of times but my brain never cared to try it since I never knew that I needed the feature. I’ll try it and if there are any major issues, I’ll follow up here, but it does sound like it could achieve what I want without wasting too much time. Thanks again.