Reset data in cache with the addons


I’d like to know how to reset the data in cache use for the “best in bag” feature. I’d like to use ONLY the stuff who’s in my bag and not every storage i’ve ever opened (bag bank void chambre …). Because i have legendary on my bank that are not playable on raid but have great stats then the best in bag always show me them because they are in cache because once i opened my bank :x

thank for helping me
Regards , Harwn

You can’t ignore loot that you own – best-in-bags will always check everything.

If you want to force it to use particular legendary items, you can lock them in by doing best-in-bags, then click on the item it chose in a slot to see a list of all items you own for that slot. Then choose the item you want to force in, then close the popup. A dotted line appears around it in the table. Press “Save and Update” to optimize around that choice.