[Resolved] Character spec not being properly managed

I have slowly been going through and updating the spec profiles for my characters since 8.0.1’s release. However, my demon hunter (Yolis-Malfurion) keeps being listed as in her Vengeance spec even though everything else on the web page is updated (talents, gear, etc.) for what should be her Havoc profile.

All my other characters have had no issues with updating their separate spec profiles, so I have to wonder if the problem could be class-related.

Edit: It occurred to me that I should also supply the following:

  • Logging in/out had no effect.
  • Changing the strat option back and forth did nothing.
  • Force-refreshing also didn’t work.
  • Waiting at least a day ended up being fruitless.
  • Web browser being used is Firefox v61.0.1 (64-bit)

Did you try re-importing from the in-game addon? Or manually changing the spec in the spec picker by clicking on your character name?

I do not use the addon. I did check the specialization list however, and it still only lists Vengeance.

Strange – try importing from the addon, that will usually clear up any issue like this. Even if you don’t want to use the addon in general, that’s fine – try using it to fix up this issue, them you can disable/remove it if you desire.

I downloaded the addon and imported the data. No dice, I’m afraid. All the gear and what not are properly updated to what she has for her Havoc spec, but it’s all still being displayed under her Vengeance profile on the website.

Could you post the string of data that you copied from the addon to the website? With that I can see what you are seeing.

For whatever odd reason, the issue seems to have finally resolved itself. Thank you for your time, though. :slight_smile: