Resto druid, feral specced

A few days ago my druid was resto specced 5/0/46 and I respecced to 0/30/21, a popular feral/resto hybrid build for resto druids. AMR recognises the imports now as feral since I have most my talent points there but it is actually a resto build. So for guardian it suggests to replace my current gear which makes sense. But when I force it to resto, it doesn’t use the import, but uses an old cached import from a few days ago when I was still resto specced.

How can I force AMR to recognise the import from the addon as resto even though I have most points in feral? Or is there another way just have the import used for all the setups?

This is actually a problem with classic that I still need to work on – since classic doesn’t have the concept of a spec built into the game like retail, we infer your spec based on your talents. Then we use that to update the last-seen gear for that spec on the site.

But as you note, it leads to the problem that if we think it’s feral but you’re actually using it as resto, your base resto gear never gets updated.

One idea that I had for handling this: in the setup step for best in bags, we have you pick the talents that you want to use for optimizing. We intentionally never overwrite these when you import, because it’s common that people will want to save different talents for different setups. In your case, you would probably set the talents for one of your resto setups to 0/30/21. Then the next time you import from the addon, we would check: do your talents match one of your existing setups? Yep, they match that resto setup – so we’ll assume that’s the setup we should update with your current gear.

Thanks for the immediate reply. That’s exactly what I tried! Changed my talents in the resto setup to match my current build in the hope it would be recognized :slight_smile: But since I use this build for both tanking and healing it should use the import for any setup that uses that specific talent build.

Another idea I had is to have the resto tab of my talents open when using the addon (if you can track that sort of thing), but I suppose that runs into a problem that the feral tree is both used for guardian and feral.