Resto Druid Leggy BiB

So, AMR is suggesting I change from Velen’s/ Edraith to Dark Titans/ Edraith, with Cake trinket instead of Velen’s.
I can see how in an ideal situation this can provide better HPS, but in an actual raid things don’t line up.
Edraith and Titans interfere with each other - “usually” you have LB on the tank and “usually” you want to use Edraith to extend hots on the tank because that’s who is taking continuous damage. This means you extend LB, delaying the bloom, reducing HPS.
Besides, in reality Titans just mostly overheals in a raid because you cannot line it up very well with the tank actually having low HP and other healers not being on top of it. Certainly not every bloom.
Also I was pretty sure Velen’s is BIS, both for Leggys and Trinkets.
My 900 Cake I can see doing very well but only situationally. I also have a 900 Map that I would expect to be a better generalist pick if I was not using Velen’s.

Also, separate issue.
Using the auto gem/enchant drops my simmed HPS by over 1% compared to my current setup.
Update: Think I figured it out: T19 4pc haste rejuve tick breakpoints. Twig it says my nearest breakpoint is 20% but if I drop below ~22% in AMR the rejuve count in sim is about 20 fewer with same casts.

Also (sorry)
The suggested stat goals for my ilvl are 7800 mastery (have 7300) 3600 Vers (have 3600) Crit 8800 (have 9500)
But Haste suggests 4000 which seems really low especially since I have 8200 at this level.
Any ideas why that is so?

I’ve seen that you are still working on the healer sim but just thought I’d add my 2c.


Are you using a gearing strategy based on the new version of the simulator? That’s my first question.

If so, what ally item level and mythic+ level are you using? Those settings control the power of the other healers and the level of raid damage in the simulation. Those settings will affect which legendary is best.

Regarding dark titan: the hot extension from edraith doesn’t hurt dark titan, it actually helps it. As long as the current lifebloom application has been ticking for 15 seconds, you can cast a new lifebloom to refresh it and trigger the bloom. So, extending the hots on the tank actually creates a window in which you can control when the bloom occurs, making these two legendary items a strong combo for heavy tank damage.

The current script has heavy and constant tank damage, modeled after krosus. The ally healers will leave room for you to do a lot of tank healing. I think a lot of resto druids aren’t used to a situation in which they are expected to do a lot of healing on the tank, so dark titan is situational. We could create a script with more aggressive tank healing done by the ally healers.

I would expect a higher level of raid damage to favor velens more. Most of my tests with the new simulations are showing velens as a favored legendary.

I think in this case we are seeing a strong interaction between dark titan and the script, since it is such a strong item if you can make use of it.

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Regarding the stat goals:

Those goals are just one of many solutions that are good. In the simulator, that combo of stats simulated best. There could be sets of gear with different stats that also simulate nearly as good. We are working on a new visualization for those goals to encompass more of the solution it calculates.

That being said, my expectation is going to be that the theoretical value of haste is going to be substantially lower than the perceived value. The new healing sims give more value to haste than before, mainly because mana isn’t as big an issue now. The same concepts apply though: the more mana constrained you become, the less valuable haste is.

A lot of people do content with more healing than they need. This makes haste feel good because you can heal people before everyone else does. We could set up a script with very aggressive ally healers to test this out.

I appreciate the feedback. I think it will be tricky to decide what type of script to base gearing strategies around. The amount of raid damage done combined with the behavior of the ally healers has such a huge impact on what gear is optimal.

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I am using machine learning gearing strategy with ally item level set to 905 (I am 907), no M+ settings.

Mm, I think you are mistaken on Dark Titans. You can trigger bloom during the pandemic window but if you extend it you cannot trigger until that window occurs again at the end of the extension, even if you extend during the original pandemic window. The pandemic window at the end is then longer tho.
Just tested this in game.
What I can see is that combo being good on is Mythic Tich - use LB and extended CW on separate Plague sufferers and Cake on melee for the brand triggers.

A script that gives the option for you being more tank or raid focused, with the ai doing the other, could be handy.

But hey, we are doing M Krosus tonight so I’ll give Eldraith/Titans a shot and see if I can make it work.

I think I just didn’t explain it right. Lifebloom has a 15 second base duration.

If you cast lifebloom at time 0, it will fall off at time 15 and bloom.

If you extend that lifebloom by 10 seconds, say at time 5, it will now tick until time 25. If you refresh lifebloom at any time after time 15, the refresh will trigger the bloom.

Let’s say you decide to refresh at time 20. Now the new lifebloom will last until time 39.5, since you can get a max of 19.5 seconds duration from a refresh. A refresh after time 35 will trigger the bloom.

So, extending that first lifebloom cast at time 0 creates a 10 second window in which you can control when it blooms.

You can use Flourish to test this. If you cast lifebloom, then cast flourish - that’s 21 seconds total duration. If you cast lifebloom again when there is less than 6 seconds remaining, the bloom is triggered, even if you have more than 4.5 seconds remaining (which would be the pandemic window).

Yep yep.

What about regarding the auto gem/enchant?
Specifically it changes my current 3x Crit, 1x Haste gems and 1x Crit, 1x Haste, 1x Priestess enchants to 3x Mast, 1x Vers gems and 2x Mast, 1x Soldier enchants.
But this causes any single run sims I do to drop hps by about 1.3%.
Using Machine learning, 300 or 360 second fight length with 905 ally healers. M+ Setting either 0 or 6.
However if I auto gem/enchant but then manually change gems so I have at least 21.5% haste, the drop does not occur and instead gives hps slightly higher than the original gems/enchants.
This occurs using either Velens/Eldraith or Titans/Eldraith leggys.

Original: 959105 HPS
Auto gem/chant: 945252 HPS
Auto then change 1 gem to get 21.51% haste: 962302 HPS

The reason I suspect T19 4pc effect is that the Rejuvenation use and count for those 3 sims is:
Original (22.05% Haste) - Use: 97.9, Count: 1,775.3
Auto (21.11% Haste) - Use: 98.7, Count:1,720.7
Auto/swap (21.51% Haste) - Use: 97.6, Count:1,771.2
Which to me would indicate the T19 4pc is proccing more bonus Rejuves when over 21.5% haste.

If you link me the gearing strategy and your export string from the addon I can try it out.

Addon string is:
$50;US;Barthilas;Zeijah;Against the Odds;9;2;110;13:1,11:800,3:800,14:700,12:1;4;.s1;6;;;;;.s2;7;;;;;.s3;8;3332322;948,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,17,355,32;3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1;142516b1502b3336b3468,142180b1482b3336b3453,142309b1497b3416b3528;.s4;9;2221313;125,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1195,32,146,1,1,120;1,1,1,1,1,4,3,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,4,1,1,4,1,1,1;140839b1497b3336b3516,140831b1497b3445b3528,136973b1542b3418b3528;.q3;128821s16b724x142516y-336z129;1s17;3630s11b1087b1644x-12089e5428;4990s9b-1898b1780b81;882s5b-1911b1829b182;6s1b-2026b1844b180;3s7b-2029b326b1703;3s3b-2029b326b1703e14;2462s14b-2024b1844b180;60s6b-2004b1825b107;3s8b-1957b326b1703;44s10b-1999b291b1529b179x28e2;3353s13b-1705b1718b1;145s15b-2028b306b1528b109x-29e-8;76s2b-1898b261b1528b82x2e462;3287s12b-3378b1442b326b1720b44x-1e-470;.q4;128306s16b725x140839y-8z-3858;8789s9b1086b1719;1229s5b-2023b1829b182;6s1b-2026b1844b180;3s7b-2029b326b1703;3s3b-2029b326b1703e5442;2522s6b-2004b1825b107;3s8b-1957b326b1703;35s12b-2024b316b1528b180x-6754e-15;3s2b-1994b1815b181e464;6s10b-2001b291b1529b179x29e-447;577s14b-2044b336b1658b62x-29;2776s13b-1717b1718b1;145s15b-2028b306b1528b109x0e-8;3363s11b-3405b1442b326b1720b44x1e-8;.r;_;.inv;2576;795;57;3520;9100;5793;11240;211;178;9310;572;274;4026;15701;7730;0;70;481;9421;5088;3763;2770;2732;13588;80;48;1;1;1;1;1;24;3;4;58;35;1307;2949;2906;594;1623;2313;291v110b603b1209;2865;0;1;1;0;1;1;1;1;0;1;1;1;1;1;5;1;2;1;0;0;0;3;0;0;1;312;0;0;1;0;1;3396;7b-1212b69b20;1;3;1;457;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;459;58b35x142516y-336z129;16;2;4;15b-2x205y-5541z3839;2b1x445y-1213z6881;172;0;257;950b-126b4b88b1079;0b-1167b69b19b1058x-16705e5318;2213b64b1644x0e110;62;1056;0;1;1;0;73b-1898b1780b81;552b-1836b1755b81;245b-1886b1805b81;8b-1861b1780b81;0b-1861b1780b81;37b-1866b1784b82;0b-1886b1805b81e0;37b-1886b1804b173e0;8b-1982b281b5b1721x-1e-1;2b-2002b1805b81;3b-1861b1780b81e1;1267b-1946b1956;1120;154b-1617b1644;341b-1963b235b81b5x1;23b-256b1780b81;7b-1861b1780b81;35b-1926b235b86;158;469;255b-311b2016b10;509;361b-2026b304e0;1b-294b293b1532e0;245;241b46b3;3b-3b2;1b-2b3;1b-2b1e14;1b-1b1;1b-3b4;62;3;6;1;7;2;1;1;3;50;301;1;24;20;2;84;35;14;4;1;0;0;3;39;3;0;3;39;132;1;9;2;4;206b-1889b311b1637b83;2b-3488b1462b2016b10;3b-2036b1844b180;2b-3476b1462b2016b10;3b-2031b1839b180;86b-2029b326b1703;11b-2029b321b5b1703x28e449;10b-2019b1839b180e-455;92;11;2;171;105v0b-1704;34;26;95;146;13;47;465;25b-320b316b1529b116x0;20b-1976b331b1528b117x-26;4b-1981b1982;4b-1982b1980e0;2b-1975b1859b117e-8;163;0;1;0;207;0;0;1118;37b-1946b167b1800;544b-1663b1719;237b-1983b261b1528b82x-1e470;2240;186;1;2;1;440;393b-1936b2046b44;127$

Gearing strat:
Is that what you want or a gearing strat sim result?

Oh, and I accede to your wisdom on the leggys. I tried it on M Krosus and while Titans bloom did do 60% overhealing I smashed my hps record.

That gearing strategy was created with the old healing rotation and script. (Which would definitely explain why haste was valued so low.)

We completely redid the healing simulations. There is one script and one rotation right now: the “Starter” rotation and script that we are using to test the new simulations.

Here is a sim of your character with the new stuff:

The script/rotation are labeled “starter” right now because the new healing sims are still in testing and the rotation isn’t totally fleshed out, although it’s at least at a point where it gives results that look somewhat like what players would do in a raid.

And yeah… I feel like dark titan is sort of a “hidden” legendary that is actually ridiculously strong,

Ok cool, thanks for your help!