Resto Druid Missing DPS Skills in Rotation Editor

Heyo, I was interested in creating a Rotation to allow for simming resto druid cat weaving DPS during a normal healing rotation (ie, if everyone is fairly healthy, at the end of the action list having the very simple cat DPS rotation), but noticed a lot of the cat-related spells are absent in the resto druid spells definition. Is there a good way to create those, import those, or just have those be part of the default definition for everyone?

I started work early in the expansion for making that work in the simulator, but I never finished it. I can’t remember what all would need to happen to make that work properly. It is certainly possible. After we are done with 8.3 I could look at it again.

I have played also with that but for mistweaver (with specific azerith trait from Windwalker). I was going to do it with Rshaman but my guild ask me to swap to Discipline T.T

How i did :

  • List every spell needed
  • Go to wowhead make sure the “number” are not different from one spec to the other (generally it’s not but it can have a “Restoration specific buff”)
  • Clone the live version

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