Resto Druid Question/inquiry

I have my level 60 Restoration Druid setup to how Ask Mr Robot has suggested by using best in bags and rolling need on what is suggested as my best in slot for the phase 4.

Currently, I am speched Regrowth as thats what most the guides recommend once resto druids get the 5 pc bonus from the tier 2 set. my resto druid has 7/8 tier 2 and some other miscellanious items that are not best in slot.

How am I suppose to play this spech? I been using rank 2 or 3 regrowth and when natures grace procs procs, I use rank 3 or 4 healing touch. This is how I been raid healing. As for main tank healing, I only use rank 9 regrowth and rank 10 rejuvination. I dont use healing touch as I let the priest I am teamed with use thier heals to conserve mana.

How can I analyze ask mr robot to show me kind of what spells I am supposed to be using? If I could kind of reverse engineer the situation given the recomended gear that ask mr robot suggests, this could help me figure out how it thinks I am healing.

Our site isn’t set up exactly to tell you what spells to use when you heal. It is set up kind of the opposite: you tell us the spells you are going to use, and then we recommend gear for you.

When you set up Best in Bag or Best in Slot, there is an optional “customize” step you can go through - there is a tab for it. Click on that and then check “Healer Spell Breakdown” to customize the healing spells you want to use. If you check that and don’t change anything, you can see the defaults that I am using.

One thing you will notice is that I don’t even have Regrowth used heavily in there by default. I guess if you are doing a 30 second fight, you could technically do more healing per second by casting regrowth and then healing touch after a nature’s grace proc and ignoring rejuv… but you will blow through your mana so insanely fast. The healing/mana of regrowth is atrocious compared to healing touch and rejuvenation.

Regardless, you can set up the optimizer to calculate the gear based on whatever spell breakdown you prefer - there is code to handle all of the talents appropriately. You could probably use some combat logs to determine a spell breakdown that matches your experience.