Resto Druid rotation observations

I was doing some digging into azerite trait values for Resto Druids with some basic regression analysis and noticed that the Autumn leaves trait seems to actually decrease the Hps output when you get a second trait of it:
Since there’s no reason for that to happen other than a difference in playstyle, I looked in the rotation and found a condition in step 15 of the Raid Healing rotation that reduced WG use on higher health targets (70-85%) if you had more than 1 Autumn Leaves trait. I think that with the buff to WG in 8.1, that might no longer be optimal.

I ran some comp sims ( using an alternate rotation ( without the Autumn leaves condition, and it appears to clearly increase Hps. The impact on AllyDeaths is less clear, but seems to be maybe counter to the Hps trend. My guess there is the additional WG usage strains mana, which you can kinda see in this comp (, where the modified rotation is more likely to need a mana potion.

Anyway, maybe not a complete thought, but something to take a look at. I’m rerunning some of my trait sims now to see what it looks like with the alternate rotation. If I learn anything from that I’ll add it on here.

Reran traits, and the trend seems to match expectations more with the altered rotation:
First trait has increased value due to the static effect, then traits 2 and 3 have similar, lower value.

That makes sense. I’ve actually been working on a potential re-organization of the healer rotations, so I’ll take a look at this as I finish those up.