Resto Sham Stat Priority

Why is the bib simulator prioritizing my crit gear and optimizing my gear for higher crit when my main stat priority is mastery? Im not healing as well with the gear set up that mr robot is recommending as it is giving me a very high crit but lowering my mastery very far down.

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Crit is better than mastery of you are healing very aggressively and limited by mana. Or if people’s health doesn’t get very low.

Mastery is better if people’s health is getting low and you don’t have to worry about mana.

Our gearing strategy is based on a simulation of a raid encounter that includes other healers as well. The other healers don’t let people’s health get really low. You could try making a custom strategy with the new mythic+ script set at a high level and then you would probably see mastery favored more.

You could also try adjusting your play style for the crit build: don’t wait for people to get low health: aggressively heal them and make use of that extra mana return.