Resto Shaman Gems


Wondering why robot is suggesting Brilliant Autumn’s Glow for resto shaman in every slot, when every other site that I read is suggesting spell power and haste gems (or MP5 if struggling with mana), Is there a setting I’ve missed somewhere?

You haven’t missed any settings. I don’t know how the other sites are doing their calculations, so I don’t know why the recommend what they do.

Your setup with a 180 sec fight and no raid buffs, debuffs, or consumables will be mana-limited. Our calculations are liking intellect for that situation. Especially since shamans have Ancestral Knowledge and Nature’s Blessing which both multiply the effectiveness of intellect - it’s believable that they’d be a better overall gem than mp5 gems. We do calculate some mana gain from using the 5 second rule when you are limited to only casting spells for a portion of the fight.

If you shorten the fight length, you will see spell power gems suggested.

Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated