Resto shaman t2.5 full set bonus

AMR BIS not showing t2.5 for a resto shaman by default.
But if you lock it manually, the +HPS would be ~ 8% better (as it should be, by the shamans discord calcs), than the standard offpieces set.

How is that possible?

Why this one is a default set?

If you click the “help” link next to the big Best in Slot section header, then follow the instructions to create a snapshot ID and post it here, we can take a look at your particular case and settings and see what’s up.


Thanks – it’s on my list to check into this tomorrow or monday depending on schedule.

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Probably tomorrow we’re doing an update with some stuff for classic, and in that will be an improvement to handling of set bonuses.

Doing an exhaustive search of all combinations of gear and set bonuses would be really slow, so we use algorithms to make it much faster – in this case it was getting stuck and not trying enough combinations where you could have bonuses from multiple sets simultaneously. The next update should fix that (at the cost of being slightly slower, but shouldn’t be by much in most cases).