Restoration Druid Sim


How much percentage wise is considered within the error. For example, I tried BiB with my resto druid and I got the following simulation with nothing locked: Not Available
When I locked the azerites and the trinkets I wanted (and re-optimized) I got the following sim: Not Available

As you can see the second sim is around 600HPS better. If 600HPS is not negligible then I think there is something weird with resto druid BiB.

On the sims I put +6 modifier. Also, my export is:

You’d want to re-do those sims with a higher damage modifier. But, in general, that is well within a reasonable margin of error for a healing optimization. Both of those sets of gear will work very well.

How much average ally death should I aim for?

non-zero. Usually for a raid sim I look for a total death number less than what we could b-rez, like 2-3.