Results for Optimize Not Making Sense

I ran the optimizer with a corruption limit of 19.
It gave me a suggestion that it claims is +0.68% DPS

So, I bumped up the corruption limit to 29 and ran it.
It gives me a different configuration for a +0.10% DPS

That does not make sense to me. If the first configuration (Max Corruption = 19) gives +0.68%, shouldn’t that still be the recommended setup at the second configuration (Max Corruption = 29)? Yes I gave it more corruption to work with, but it didn’t find something better, it’s finding something worse.

I believe I found the cause. For both runs, I had enchants set to cheap weapon and ring.
My current weapon had the good enchant on it, where as the one it was recommending at the higher corruption level was never enchanted, just banked. It made the selections as if the weapon were enchanted, but ran the numbers as the weapon really was (unenchanted).

When I turned that option of, I’m getting sane results now.