Ret Paladin BiB Issue

BiB is telling me to use Azerite Traits that are for Production instead of Retribution. For example on my Helm it’s telling me to Select Inspiring Vanguard and Bulwark of Light. Both of these traits have no benefit for retribution. BiB is also suggesting that I change most of my equipped items. I know that at times BiB can give unexpected suggestions. However, in this case I think there are some issues with the suggestions, especially considering its says using the suggestions will give me a -.80% in DPS.

Initially I did have a Production setup that was secondary to my Retribution setup. I removed it and ran BiB again and got the same results.

Snapshot ID: 30a72cfd204a45369f2ca496c439aec8

  1. Main thing I’d suspect is Corruption values; the suggested set has 120 & your resistances meet the nett 39 specified.
  2. Next thing I found that may help is Crusade vs Inquisition, on Tier 7 Talents… entirely your choice, but Crusade is suggested (only) as a better Talent.
  3. This looks to be the biggest factor - your custom rules. As a ‘what if…?’ I removed them all & got this:

As far as cross spec Azerite Traits are concerned, it IS possible to select them - there’s a Retribution Trait that is just as viable to Holy & Protection (not Production) that requires a switch to that spec. to select it.

I would also suggest that there may be an element of another optimisation site ‘telling’ you that certain aspects of your spec. have no viability to other spec’s, and vice versa… this should never be the case as optimisation sites should only ever offer advice.

Returning to point 3 above; if your custom rules must be adhered to, then -0.8% difference in DPS is the difference between - for example - 100K & 99.2K… a difference that is well within AMR’s quoted ‘margin of error’ of 2%.

I hope this helps to allay any fears you have about using AMR, if not then I’ll leave the door open for @yellowfive &/or @Swol to fill in any gaps I’ve left/missed.

As @eighjan pointed out, you have a set of custom rules for azerite traits that specify protection traits. Delete those rules and the optimizer will work as expected.

Thanks for the help. I saw those, and I have no idea why I was thinking they were only going to be used for Protection.