Ret paladin ulduar gear wotlk classic


I have a few questions. Why blood of the old god when it already wants me to get like 12% hit. Mainly it, like does kologarn realy drop 239s not on hardmode or is that some oddity? im trying to make a bis non hard mode list for my guild and im wondering if it is just because there is so much more strength on this stuff that it beats things without hit rating or if a ret paladin needs more hit now

hit has some value all the way up to the spell hit cap, although it does drop off after the melee hit cap, the proc on that blood of the old god might just be really good, and the hit is just ok.

is there a way for force it to choose items without hit and bring me back closer to the normal cap?

Not specifically - you could try excluding specific items with a lot of hit that the optimizer might be picking. There isn’t much of a use case for reducing theoretical dps, so we don’t have a lot of specific options along those lines.