Ret Pally BiS stat weights wrong?

With the current stat weights for Ret pally BiS it seems to heavy favor Vers & Haste over Crit. Where as you look at the top loggers & other sims and it they heavily favor Crit > Haste > vers > Mast. Unlike the BiB option where you can customize your stat weights, there’s no option for that in BiS for AMR. Are these stat weights set in stone, and correct?

Our gearing strategies are good and they work well. They might not necessarily be what is the most popular, but we know for sure you could get top tier parses using our gearing strategies. We base our strategies off of our analysis of simulations, so they kind of are what they are. The only way to shift them would be to change something about the simulation itself, and we have the simulations doing what folks are doing in the game.

We do plan to extend the stat customization to BiS for those who prefer different setups. It is a video game after all, it’s cool to just like doing it a different way :wink: