[Retail] Is it possible to permanently ignoring weapon/off-hand types in BiS & BiB?

My main is an Elemental Shaman. I prefer having a shield, and would like to ignore all non-shield offhands as well as all 2H int weapons like staves and sometimes maces.

Are this currently possible, without de-selecting each offhand one by one?

Speaking of Best in Slot, when I go into the list of items for any slot, it ignores my previous settings for raid and m+ levels, so I tend to place any mythic difficulty raid loot to be ignored, one by one.

Any answer is appreciated.

In the spec. priority listing, is Elemental at the top of the list? If it’s the spec. you play most, it needs to be at the top to stop other spec.'s countering the OH you prefer to use for it.

We do not have a way to exclude entire weapon types from optimization for elemental shamans. The difference is purely cosmetic – we try to keep our options to only things that would impact your performance.

You don’t need to ignore mythic raid loot from the list one-by-one. The boss filters in the setup step (under Step 2: Set Gear Preferences) will handle that. You can uncheck the “M” column for raids that you do not plan to do on Mythic difficulty.

The per-slot item lists will still show all available items, even items that you are not allowing the Best in Slot optimizer to choose. This is so that you can get a rough score comparison even to items that you have excluded.

Elemental is set as my top priority spec.

Mythic raid loot is included in the list of mainhands (I un-ignored the Dreambinder-staff for the screenshot). And mythic+ level is set to +20 vault as opposed to +15 vault.

This has been happening for a very long time, and is the same for all classes that I’ve played.

That list that pops up and shows available items for that slot is not limited by the settings you set in the setup step for Best in Slot. The actual items that the optimizer can choose when optimizing are limited though.

For example, if you do this in the setup step:

Press Find Best in Slot, the result will not have any mythic raid gear. But if I click on say the Head slot, I’ll see a list of all available Head slot items, including mythic raid gear. You can use the filters on that pop-up list to search for specific things in the list. The search box at the top is very flexible as well. For example if you type “raid” it will only show raid loot. Or “raid,heroic”, it will only show heroic raid loot. Or “dungeon” for dungeon loot, etc.

We do it this way so that you can still see, hey, even though I have excluded mythic raid gear from the result… how would it compare?

The reason that the per-slot list has a separate Mythic+ filter is because there are so many variations the list would get annoyingly long. So we only show the one Mythic+ variation that you have chosen in that picker rather than all 40 variations for each dungeon item. And for similar reasoning above, we let you view any M+ level you want, even if it is different than what you limited the optimizer to choosing.

Hopefully that makes sense!