RETAIL - Strategy and options


I’m a little confused with the latest version of the site.
Indeed, until now we choose our strategy (Single target or multi target), some options and we simulate our “Best in bags” for example.
Now, in these options it is possible to choose from 1 to 20 monsters. What about our main strategy “Single target” for example?
What is the difference between a “Single Target” strategy and a “Multi target” strategy with only 1 monster selected?

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We will clean that up a bit as we get closer to Dragonflight – we’re adding a bunch more options for people to customize the results. It is in a bit of a transition state for the pre-patch.

We’re sort of using half new optimization code for the talents, and half old optimization code for the shadowlands special item effects like trinkets. The new code has a lot more settings you can tweak (like target count), whereas the old code is “fixed” based on the chosen strategy. We’ll unify it all when Dragonflight goes live.

Thank you for your answer. I understand the goal.

Can I ask you a last question/a suggestion. This is possible to get a explanation about a detailed rotation used ?
In order to know the optimal rotation to do for a specific fight (1 target or more), as the rotation will change as depending of number of target.

I think it’s very useful to know a detailed rotation (priority, conditions to use, etc) and, in my point of view, could add more value to AMR.

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For all of shadowlands, we had our “guide” pages up which showed the exact rotations used for the optimization models. So, I of course agree that having the rotations to see is very helpful. Very few people visited those pages, though!

Once we get the gear optimizing, we will think about the best way to show rotation information to players for dragonflight.