Retribution paladin optimization question

I will hi-jack this topic and generalize - MrRobot BiB is bad at stacking traits / corruptions.
You have to guide him. Almost the same about Light’s Decree
Default suggestion is last on the sim and BiB claims the best combo will give -1.2% dps

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Please click the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then press Create Support Post and copy the generated snapshot ID here so that we can recreate your case. Also give a brief text description of specifically what you think should be happening compared to the optimization result.

Snapshot: 9d43a4bf70e048f1acf3bdd0a9b7db54
I expect that MrRobot aware of stacking traits and will suggest stacking them by default.
While instead of stacking Light’s Decree - Robot suggests me to go all ways around with Infusion, Heart of Darkness. Needless to say, all guides say “stack, stack, stack” and I wouldn’t mind other way if only sim with 3x Light’s Decree wouldn’t give me more (89k vs 98k).

For your gear you have in your bags, I think that Light’s Decree is being a bit undervalued for multi-target situations. Stacking Light’s Decree for single target would be a DPS loss in your case.

I’ll see if we can tweak the mythic+ data to favor Light’s Decree a bit more and pick them more aggressively by default.

Was experimenting with Mastery Corruption.
Got higher simed dps than just a plain suggestions from MrRobot - but it’s okay.

Just follow suggestions
Mastery Stacking

Then I’ve evaluated should I apply ineffable truth (30%) to anything, MrRobot suggested to apply it to a ring (Void Etched Ring) with replacing a corruption on it. Okay, I’ve followed. Pressed Reoptimize again and MrRobot chaven’t equipped that ring and removed another with InEffable.
What is going on? Why that wasn’t suggested before I’ve replaced a corruption on non-related to BiB ring.

Snapshot: c7728bd401004a49bc515ab207c554c3

I haven’t been able to tweak the optimizer to pick 3x light’s decree by default for multi-target yet. Still working on that.

If I just force the 3x Light’s Decree and use a built that doesn’t stack mastery:
113.6k DPS
vs. the build that you made which stacks mastery:
112.9k DPS

You see the results are very comparable. It’s not mastery stacking that matters really it’s the 3x Light’s Decree.

You have asked Mr. Robot to find the best item to put Ineffable Truth on… but that isn’t your best corruption effect, so it isn’t surprising that it is not picked. According to the upgrade finder you should be looking at a different effect.

Hm, that’s true, but mastery should give you better results outside wings and when you are not lucky with corruption procs. And a real life tests shows that mastery builds are little bit better, not that fun thought.

And I’m fine with that. I’ll try to explain a little bit more clear.
I have a ring Overclocking Bit Band with Ineffable truth. And that ring was suggested and equipped.
I checked will another Ineffable truth will give any upgrades (since I had that bought) - and Mr. Robot suggested to apply it to Void-Etched Band. After I apply - Mr. Robot no only didn’t equip Void-Etched Band but also replaced Overclocking Bit Band with Footbomb Championship Ring. And this is a bit weird. Why that wasn’t done before? I think the only possible answer - Mr. Robot didn’t know about that ring because I didn’t update imports but I’m sure I did. Will pay more attention to that next time.

Anyway thanks for you time. Hope this nightmare with corruption items will end soon.

OMG We can’t wait for corruption to be done. The gear system in BfA is just out of control at this point.

Hm, I think you are underestimating Light’s Decree not only for Multi Target.
With Light’s Decree
Not for a big margin but the real life experience proves (with my luck) that 5 seconds to Avenger Wrath gives you better results.
Snapshot ID: e6804c298cb0480ba021f807536bfd41 (on this MrRobot suggests better but only because I’ve moved MultiTarget in priority over Single Target, for pure ST Robot suggests that equipped items for snapshot)

I don’t think this has much to do with light’s decree by itself. Expurgation isn’t simulating all that well for you, so taking that off makes more of a difference than the light’s decree does.

There mess of relationships between all these effects is challenging to predict. We can do one-off simulations after the fact to figure out what might theoretically be best, but the predictive model can’t follow every single blip in the data.

I think this is a case where a customization like this would be best for you:

I’m pretty sorry, was that supposed to be another snapshot id? Can’t find much difference.

Yes I made some custom rules for your single target strategy, the set it picks simulates the highest that I could find.

:frowning: nothing for me with this snapshot

Hmmm, not sure why it didn’t save. Try this one: