Revoke Authority

Im using Revoke Authority on you guys, under Federal Law. I canceled my card last year and changed the payment, and I have documentation of that and you charged it again this year. I recorded the email asking for a refund and the process of doing the same thing. I have no faith in this business to not charge me again. I will get lawyers involved over the money (Assuming no refund), however, to make sure first you cannot charge me again im using Revoke Authority. You can message me through email or reply back. Fill out this information or give me the data for it. If you do not wish to give me the information on it then I will get lawyers involved.

LEGAL ENTITY – a company – give
the name, registered address, ID
number and other identification data
of the authorized company

If you have already sent us an email requesting a refund, someone will get back to you within 24 hours. We do not discuss account-related information or problems on our forums. We should be able to help you figure out why/how you were charged.

Also this is worth noting for public reference: credit card companies send new account information to payment processors when your card # changes, assuming it is the same account. For example, if you get a new card # because of fraud or because the old one expired.

This used to not be the case, as some of us older folks probably remember: if your credit card number changed for any reason, recurring subscriptions stopped and you had to go through every account and update your information.

But over the past 10 years, credit card companies have started doing this for convenience so services don’t get interrupted (like power, internet, netflix, etc). We do all of our credit card processing through highly reputable 3rd party processors (PayPal and Stripe).

Those payment processors handle all charges once you sign up on our site. We actually never see your full card number, for security purposes. PayPal and Stripe don’t release that information to us, which makes the entire system more secure.

Lastly, we let everyone cancel online to stop the renewals with no hassle. No need to email (etc) - we try to make it as easy as possible because we don’t want you paying for something you aren’t using.

I’m also responding to your email to address your specific account so keep an eye out for that.