Robe of the archmage when not a taylor?

Hello Mr Robot,

you are proposing me a bis “Robe of the Archmage” but my guild mate are telling me that since it is a bop item and, I am not a taylor; I cannot get it crafted for me.

I have updated my profile on the page with my 2 professions : engineering and enchanting.


The robe itself does not have any profession requirements, so you could theoretically level up tailoring to craft it and switch back to your previous profession. As you’re currently looking at the best in slot gear that recommendation is not wrong - but I’d agree it’s not “ideal” either.

Depending on the recipes you currently have and how much you are willing to pay/play that would most likely be a huge waste of time though.

If you want to exclude an item from AMR’s recommendations you can just click on it to open the customize window and exclude it using the icon to the right.


thanks for your quick response - really appreciated