Robot optimizes based on wrong soulbinds


I click off the button to allow AMR to change soulbinds and yet it changes me to Niya when I am set up for Dreamweaver and tells me to change all those conduits to the Niya soulbinds …Obviously this won’t

Niya seems to be the DPS Soulbind for Night Fae with Dreamweaver being Healing based.

Taking your setups as they are listed, Affliction is your primary spec & Dreamweaver loses you ~3% DPS - that said, 3% is only just outside “standard margin of error”, so may not make that much real world difference.


If this is how you want your setups to be prioritised, then nothing needs to be done with them; if however the priority order is not correct, they’ll need to be dragged & dropped to where they suit how you play… you can also delete setups/spec’s from that ^^^^ list if you never play them.

Having looked at all 5 spec’s in the list for this character, the one that favours Dreamweaver is Demonology (with Korayn favoured for Destruction).

IF Demonology is the spec. you play most, Demonology needs to be at the top of the list or it will get treated as 4th string (4th most important).

Like this:

Hi and thanks for the reply. Ii is difficult to determine the better soulbind for Night Fae but I am not currently playing demo - chiefly affliction and occasionally destro. I actually changed from Niya for Field of Blossoms. It is probably moot, but my problem is not about this, it is that I want to be able to get recommendations based on the conduit/sb I have active, NOT another setup… For what it is worth Icy Veins says the following : Dreamweaver is the best option for single target (hence raid bosses) and Sow the Seeds Icon Sow the Seeds AoE spam at max Renown.

Niya offers overall better results in mixed situations due to the versatility of her soulbind tree and is the better single-target choice before reaching max renown. I have max renown… Can you advise how to get the Robot to take note of my actual chosen SB ? I know a number of others also using this … Thanks for your time. EDIT Just to add I have removed extra affliction specs and then moved all the spec 'boxes ’ through each postion in the lsy - it still insists on Niya for affliction ( will try to add pic): it seems unable to change this one spec- is there some way to reset the whole thing ?

I can advise I have cleared this now by deleting the ingame addon for AMR and reinstalling - I am assuming that it held the initial setup even when changed online

First if you play only affliction, you have an order issue where demonology is on top so it take priority over the afflication spec. Try delete the “demonology spec” on the left using the trash can button. It will allow robot to choose whatever is the best. Here it was selecting the “second best” (after demonology)


If i understand correctly, you want to force AMR to have Korayn ?

You can “lock” the first spell of Korayn, and AMR will optimize the soulbinds tree (and change path and conduit if need be)

Hi thank you for replying: you might see in my self-reply above I have resolved the issue. It did not work to delete setups on the website or move spec ‘boxes’ on the left: BUT what DID work was to delete the addon and website setups, and then download the addon again while exporting my profile from game and move affliction to the middle position n the left which corresponds to Dreamweaver in the NF covenant/conduit/db setup ingame. (It was affliction that I wanted to have as Dreamweaver, not demonology) If anyone else has a similar problem i hope this is useful.