Robot telling me items are upgrades from past expansions

I assume I am doing something wrong…
Robot is telling me to switch to kiljaden burning wish trinket AND azerite neck…



The Heart has more stats, so it is a better item.

Increase your allowed on-use items to 2 - you don’t have a second trinket that is not on-use. (We ignore the active on the old legion trinket)

thanks, that seemed to do the trick

Awww this got me too. Not sure why 2 is not a default, are people just forgetting about using them?

We added that feature back in BfA (or maybe Legion?), and it has become one of the most beloved features of Best in Bags. Many players really do not like having to manage multiple on-use trinkets.

We think that setting it to one is a good default, as a lot of players lose a ton of value with two on-use trinkets because they don’t do the extra work to optimize for it. Using a weaker proc trinket for the second trinket generally results in higher output for people who aren’t planning around and consistently using both on-use effects.